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Progress Through Understanding Your Feelings

One area that many people find challenging is the realm of feelings. While feelings make us human, they pose many challenges to our mental well-being. Learn to understand your feelings and those of others with emotional counseling. Many times our feelings, including fear and anger, are connected to our past situations and we need help identifying them. Give us a call at Stress Free Counseling to talk to someone about them.

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Being Aware of Yourself

The first step in solving problems is self-awareness. Feelings can be very elusive and confusing. So we take steps to first help you identify and quantify your feelings. Often this lays a good foundation to start to heal and solve life's challenges. The questions below cover some of the areas that we work with in counseling. As you get answers to the questions below, you can begin to work on healing.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Why do I react in certain ways in situations?
  • What is causing me to have such internal fears?
  • Is my past connected to how I'm reacting now?
  • How do I stop over reacting to situation and learn to cope?
  • How can I acknowledge my feelings and accept them?
  • Why do I get angry so suddenly?
  • Why do others have problems with how I feel?
  • How can I express my feelings?
  • Are there ways to validate my feelings?
  • Are feelings good or bad?
  • My feelings scare me—can you help?
  • Can I change how I feel?

Learn about Understanding

One major area that people have trouble figuring out is why others act or behave in a certain way. Often our loved one's behavior has caused hurt, anger, and resentment in our lives. Understanding the shoes someone walks in can give us some closure and peace of mind. Trying to figure out the situation can often lead us to healing and change our attitudes towards others. While we can't condone certain actions and behaviors, having understanding leads to healing.

Review the examples below and notice how we separate out the event and our newfound understanding of the situation. Can we react in a better way? Did this new understanding help us lower our anxiety and stress levels? Could we offer a little bit more forgiveness because of our new understanding? While not every person will forgive totally, our goal is to help you get more peace of mind. There are literally hundreds of these situations that we contend with. But with a little practice, we can help you gain understanding. Give us a call regarding your situation!

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Example A

Event: Loved One Abusing Drugs or Alcohol. Loved One Gets Into Legal Trouble Outcome: Anger & Hatred

Understanding: We come to believe that addiction is a medical condition like diabetes or cancer. The person probably wouldn't get into trouble if they were sober and clean. We don't condone their actions, but we understand to separate the disease from the person. Are you constantly picking at this person? Maybe they deserve it sometimes, but backing off may help the relationship. We believe that with a little attitude shift and education on your part can help the situation.

Example B

Event: Blaming Someone for a Mental Illness Outcome: Constant Friction & Arguing—Why Can't They Just Behave Better?

Understanding: Millions suffer from a mental illness and there are many symptoms. You would be more forgiving with a cancer survivor and their symptoms. You need to get more understanding and education that mental illness like depression and anxiety has their own medical symptoms. Consider backing off a little from a mental illness sufferer.

Example C

Event: Your Relationship or Friendship Ended Outcome: Fighting Caused Relationship to Break Up

Understanding: Often there are hidden reasons why relationships break up. Hidden jealousy, resentment, poor communication, and control issues are the primary causes. Working to understand your behaviors and your partner's shoes can help you reconnect.


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